Yamin Abbas was 18 months old when he got enrolled in AWIP program. Yamin’s mother was regular attendee of AWIP sessions from the very first day. Yamin’s mother and sisters have made a home based learning corner on different domains of ECD which includes science, math, language and literacy, and family corner. The most attractive part of the display is the learning wall hangers for explaining various themes such as fruit, vegetables, colors and animals. Additionally, the small reading library where Yamin sits and explores different books is best part of this setup. Yamin’s English vocabulary has amazingly improved. He recognizes names of insects, animals, shapes, and colors. His parents and family are keen and working hard for holistic development of their child.


Seventy years old Raja Noor Muhammad is a participant of yoga class. He resides in Aminabad colony and stands as a social member of Aminabad Senior Citizens group. He had been a patient of high blood pressure and depression. Before showing up to the yoga class, his blood pressure constantly remained high upto 150/90 mmHg. He was on medications prescribed by Doctor. Mr. Rajab often had depression attacks, and would find himself unable to sleep without taking medicines. Moreover, Mr. Rajab used to stay restless and irritated all the time which was due to the side effects of prescribed pills. Upon the request of social welfare board, Aminabad, Rupani Foundation started yoga classes for seniors citizens, setting a vision of relaxing them physically and mentally and to help them fight against their illness, adopt healthy life style and keep them busy as they feel being useless. Mr. Rajab use to attend yoga classes regularly. RF Yoga trainer personally chatted with him and discussed about his problems. After understanding his sickness and mental challenges, the trainer paid special attention on breathing and meditation that helps in deescalating the depression. The trainer also recommended him to practice this exercise at home along with alternative food such as use of banana in breakfast, consumption of flux seeds and walnuts to lower high blood pressure. With the practice of one month yoga, breathing and meditation along with recommended locally available organic food, it was surprising to see that his blood pressure was getting to normal level with appreciative mental relaxation.


Ms. Salima is a dedicated young girl from Garelt, central Hunza, living with three sisters and mother. With no profitable skills she helped her mother to earn a living enough to fight hunger. She says, “With no skills in hand I was not able to earn enough money to support my family.” In 2013 she went through a four months intensive training at Rupani Foundation’s gems cutting and polishing center in Aliabad. “I didn’t expect that gems cutting and polishing will be such of an interest. In the beginning, understanding the terms was difficult for me. However I worked hard and learnt the skill to greater extent.” Salima is working at RF’s gems cutting and polishing center in Aliabad Hunza as a production worker and earns a handsome amount. She is also supervising the gems grading unit at RF center.

Jewelry maker by profession, Ms. Nasreen belongs to a low middle class family of Karimabad. Committed to establish her own business, she learned the skill of gems cutting and polishing from RF’s gems cutting and polishing center Aliabad. “Being already trained in jewelry making, I wished to learn gems cutting and polishing so that I could mobilize the local resource to establish my own business.” Nasreen has partnered with her colleague at RF center and established own business outlet named Hunza women gems and jewellery shop and they are quite famous in the local market.


Arman Karim proved his mettle by gaining training from the Rupani Foundation. Karim, professionally a taxi driver but interested in the gems and jewelry, finally decided to get training in the field of his passion. “It suddenly dawned at me to quest for the calling of my abilities” he says, so he joined the six months training in gems and jewellery. As a taxi driver he barely met the requirements to keep his body and soul together. In short span of time, with his hard work, dedication and motivation, he hasmastered in art of silver jewellery making and gets numerous orders from local market.