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ToT in ECD Certificate & Diploma Course

The two-weeks Course is currently running at Karakoram International University in partnership with Rupani Foundation. A negligible number of organizations in Pakistan are currently offering ECD accredited certificate and Diploma courses and this initiative will transform the landscape of ECD education for the better. In the past few days, the participants have learned and deliberated on a diverse set of thematic areas in Early Childhood Development. The topics included Child Development domains, the role of play in enhancing learning in children, Multiple Intelligences, Pedagogies, Nurturing Care Framework, ECD Curriculum and Child Rights, Assessment of Child in the first years of life. on the conclusion of each day’s session the training facilitator Ms. Aneela Mukhi would initiate a discussion and reflection session where the training group would share their insights, ideas, experiences, and learnings.

This training of Trainers will continue in the coming days, more topics will be discussed and deliberated on.

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