Staff meeting to discuss Quarterly Progress

RF South team had a fruitful day while discussing on Quarterly Progress of Agah Walidain-Informed Parents (Core & Community based) Program and Preparatory classes along with Performance Monitoring Plan, Progress Tracking of Enrolled children, Information flow mechanism, different issues and ideas for further enrollment and bring improvement in program management.

Sports Week

Healthy body nurtures Healthy Mind. A mother’s physical and mental wellbeing is highly important as she juggles with varied responsibilities in her life, and the most important being child rearing. To grow a healthy and strong child she needs to be in her full health. Rupani Foundation realizes this aspect and encourages mothers to stay

Welcoming Novroz (New Year)

Novroz means New Day. It is a day of jubilation and celebration to welcome spring. Novroz is commemorated across the globe especially in Iran, middle eastern countries and Pakistan. Rupani Foundation also celebrated Novroz with Students and mothers at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents center. Children take swings of joy, dressed up to their best, ate eggs

Pakistan Day Celebrations 2019

To ingrain a sense of patriotism, identity, and homeland, Pakistan resolution day was commemorated by Rupani Foundation at Agah Walidain- Informed Parents centers. The principles of Pakistan Unity Discipline and Faith will be forwarded by our future leaders to promote.  Rupani Foundation centers celebrated Pakistan Resolution Day with children and RF management. Pakistan is our Identity, Pride and Home and Children are

Capacity Building of ECD teachers

Capacity building sessions are integral to personal and professional growth. Family support motivators of Community-Based AW-IP centers are going through a vigorous session of ECD training. This training encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of Early Childhood Education, teachers are learning early childhood education approaches on Holistic Child Development, classroom activities, responsive Parenting, cognitive, emotional and physical and

Meeting with Ali Amin Khan Gandapur, Federal Minister

Chairman Mr. Nasruddin Rupani and CEO Mr. Waseem Samad had a meeting with Mr. Ali Amin Khan Gandapur, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan in Islamabad.