Early Childhood Development Seminar

Gilgit – Baltistan: The first ever seminar on Early Childhood Development was held at the Karakorum International University on the 10 th and 11 th September 2018. The Seminar was the result of collaboration between the Karakorum International University, Rupani Foundation, Department of Education, Gilgit- Baltistan, Department of Health, Gilgit-Baltistan, the Aga Khan Development Network,

Women’ Day

Rupani Foundation celebrated International Women’s Day in Sindh, in order to recognize the importance and appreciate the determination of ordinary women who play significant role in social life. A function was organized by RF’s AW-IP team in Sindh with mothers and parents of children enrolled in AW-IP program. A cricket match was played by mothers

Universal Children’s Day

Agah Walidain team of Rupani Foundation celebrated “Universal Children Day” on 20th November 2016, in a program titled “healthy life style activities”. This title was set for celebrating this event owing to the importance of healthy life style activities in children’s lives. The healthy life activities play an important role in enhancing the children’s mental

Early Childhood Development

Early Child Development (ECD) generally refers to psychological and physiological development that takes place during the period from conception to eight years, during which acquisition of culturally relevant skills and behaviors allows children to function and adapt effectively according to the environment in which they live and grow. In order to adequately prepare children in