Business Financing and Advisory Opportunities – Info Session


  • Start Date:06-04-2019
  • End Date:07-04-2019
  • Start Time:11:00
  • End Time:12:30
  • Location:Accelerate Prosperity, Gilgit Office


  • Organized by:Rupani Foundation & Accelerate Prosperity
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  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address:Gilgit

With the ever-evolving market structure and demand in Economic development sector, Rupani Foundation is venturing into Business Incubation and SME development to capitalize on the potentialities of Youth. Since 2018 the Foundation is partnering with Accelerate Prosperity* to promote enterprise development and entrepreneurship in youth.

RUPANI Foundation and Accelerate prosperity is going to organised 2 more of the 27 information and awareness-raising sessions on entrepreneurship, business and investment opportunities 2019 in Gilgit. AP’s financing and business advisory cycle for 2019, eligibility requirements, selection process, terms and conditions will be discussed in the session, and questions of the audience will be answered. RUPANI Foundation and AP will organise 14 more such sessions across GB and Chitral till 25th April 2019.

This info session is organized with the purpose of informing interested aspiring and existing entrepreneurs about AP’s Financing and Advisory Cycle 2019. To brief the audience about the requirements, eligibility and selection criteria, the application form and to answer questions regarding the cycle or the application form from the audience.

*Accelerate Prosperity is a new global initiative of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia, with a mandate to create sustainable enterprises through business incubation, enterprise growth acceleration and investment services for startups and existing SGBs.