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Earth Day week at ELM

Years of reckless usage of natural resources by Humans have caused irreversible damage to the Earth. Human footprint has brought innumerable species to extinction and damaged biodiversity. We are witnessing Climate change that is creating havoc across the globe, challenging food security, our habitats with intermittent flash floods, glacier outbreaks, excessive rains, cyclones, tsunamis and what not. We need to act collectively and collaboratively. Each year we observe Earth Day to create awareness and find solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. Rupani Foundation also contributes to this global issue by celebrating the event on Early Childhood Development centers across Pakistan.
The #EarthDay week at Early Learning Model center concluded successfully. This week-long celebration of Diversity in species, plants and other existing biodiversity on planet earth. Students enacted skits, role plays and performed on songs to raise awareness on the challenges our planet earth is currently facing. Pollution, Recycling biodiversityAnimal extinction water shortage deforestation Climate Change, and Global Warming were some of the themes highlighted on the occasion. Children also shared their ideas on how to protect Earth from Human-caused damages. Moreover, students and children pledged to use natural resources with caution, and care, they also pledged to protect the earth from further degradation by moving towards sustainable living, promoting recycling and protecting species.
Awareness about the ecosystem, biodiversity, and the surrounding environment at an early age influences young minds to ponder on.

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