Early Child Development (ECD) generally refers to psychological and physiological development that takes place during the period from conception to eight years, during which acquisition of culturally relevant skills and behaviors allows children to function and adapt effectively according to the environment in which they live and grow. In order to adequately prepare children in target areas and considering the high importance of ECD, Rupani Foundation has started multiple programs to promote education from early years and multiple supportive programs for their parents and family members. The Early Childhood Development initiative of Rupani Foundation is the most important component of its programmatic operations. The foundation recognizes ECD as an effective strategy that can play a vital role in bringing our target community out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Rupani Foundation particularly aims to provide a comprehensive program of education for parents and primary caregivers of children from pre-natal to six years of age. All ECD interventions follow the child-centered approach to make children of targeted age group lifelong learners, assist parents and primary caregivers in building parenting skills.


RF has been able to make the difference in the lives of the people through following programs and projects:

1- AW-IP:

So far, RF has been able to establish 8 AW-IP centers and 604 persons in Sindh and 809 persons in Gilgit-Baltistan have benefited from the AW-IP. Together in both regions, the sum becomes 1,413. The individuals include children aged 0-3 years, pregnant mothers, married couples, volunteers, and campers.

2- ECCD:

RF established 34 ECCD centers in interior Sindh, Pakistan. The number of the direct beneficiaries, the children and parents/caregivers, who attended ECCD session, is 1,612, and the number of indirect beneficiaries, the households which participated in ECCD program is 1,792 individuals.

3- Project Umeed:

Through project Umeed, RF has established 6 centers, and has served 753 children afed 3-7 years in the marginalized communities of interior sindh.

4- FICD Program:

FICD program has benefited 376 individuals togather in Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan. There are 8 FICD centers at various locations of Gilgit Baltistan and Sindh.