ECDN is the biggest achievement of Rupani Foundation in harnessing the scattered efforts on ECD theme.

Rupani Foundation has been the driving force behind the establishment and successful operation of ECD Network in Pakistan. With an objective to synchronize public and private efforts made for ECD at national level, RF moved through many stages to materialize the concept of ECD network. After going through multiple phases of meetings with stakeholders, RF met its goal to form a nation-wide network of organizations working on ECD theme in 2014. RF is the main donor organization of the network. Besides the financial support, the primary technical support is also being rendered by RF.

By now, there are fourteen member organizations which have joined hands for collectivizing their efforts for more effective outcomes. Mr. NasruddinRupani, the chairman of Rupani Foundation, also chairs the ECDN. The salient objectives of the ECDN are:
Build Linkages
Help Strengthening ECD in Pakistan
Bringing ECD to Priority at National, Provincial and Regional Policy Level