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ToT for UMEED teachers concluded

The six days Training Of Trainers for ECD Teachers of UMEED Programme successfully concluded at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents Center Hyderabad. Total 37 teachers have been trained on different domains that include, Early Childhood Education policies, practices, and emerging trends to ensure holistic development of children enrolled at our centers in Hyderabad division.

Summer Camp Concluded in Sindh

Summer camp is a unique setting for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills. Rupani Foundation’s Sindh chapter recently organized and conducted a 10 days summer camp for children. In total 36 children participated and engaged in diverse mental and physical activities. The event was organized to build individual character, confidence, and skills through a wide range of activities. This initiative also offered a structured opportunity for children to grow during summer vacations.

Opening of AW-IP Center in Lahore

Furthering its commitment to propagate education across Pakistan irrespective of the geographical obstructions, ethnic, racial, religious divides or gender inequalities and economic differences, Rupani Foundation has been working tirelessly to reach out to communities. In its effort, Rupani Foundation has established Early Childhood Development centers in Sindh, Punjab, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Community-Based Agah Walidain is a pioneering initiative of RF that promotes community partnership, and ownership in development initiatives. It is a onetime investment venture on Rupani Foundation’s behalf in which the foundation provides learning resources, classroom furniture, audiovisual equipment, and technical support. Family Support Motivators are also given one-month comprehensive training on theoretical Early Childhood Development and approach as well as they are familiarized with classroom proceedings through engagement in day to day activities. With this collaboration, community members have to ensure the sustainability of the center through the introduction of comprehensive management and administrative system, and they are responsible to explore funding sources to run administrative activities. Rupani Foundation has opened 84 centers so far. In the early months of the year 2019, 11 new centers have started operating, newly inaugurated Community based AWIP centers are functioning in Gilgit region, whereas recently, in collaboration with local community organizations and a private Early learning center (Almas Early Learning Center Lahore ) an AW-IP center has been inaugurated at Lahore

ToT for Family Support Motivators

Training of Trainers for Family Support Motivators (FSM) concluded with certificate distribution ceremony at Agah Walidain_Informed Parents center Rupani foundation Karachi. Teachers engaged in intensive training in varied thematic areas. For instance, Brain development of a child, Child rights, ECD curriculum in National Education Policy of Pakistan, Sindh government ECCE policy and curriculum, Development milestone
Responsive Parenting, development domains in formative years. Besides, Nutrition and Healthy food-related topics were also discussed.

Moreover, best practices and learned lessons at Agah Walidain-Informed Parents Programme along with challenges and recommendation were also shared to bring further improvement in the overall quality of services. Case studies, success stories, PowerPoint presentations, group work, and audio-visual presentations were hallmarks of this TOT.

One of the participants shared reflection in these words; “It was indeed constructive, we express our greatest gratitude to RF management for providing us the opportunity to avail the latest information and professional development (Knowledge, skills, abilities) training.”

A visit to Municipal Library, Gilgit

Libraries play a pivotal role in preservation of history and knowledge. They provide a sanctuary for knowledge enthusiasts. Despite a dearth in libraries across the country due to evolving mediums of learning and negligence, there still exists some gems. One such place is Municipal Library Gilgit that exudes history and old charm through its architecture and books collection. The recently inaugurated the Exhibition and Research center at the library has a valuable collection of vintage photographs and books that attracts visitor’s s attention. The children of ECD-II of Early learning model center paid a visit to the place and enthusiastically listened to the presentation, they also took a detailed tour of the center. This activity helps the young generation to get familiarize with history, identity, and literature. Habits of learning and reading are also cultivated through such endeavors.